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Send an on-brand, memorable box of thoughtful gifts

Whether you’re looking to send corporate gifts, or welcoming a new employee with a new-hire kit, we help create collections of gifts.

The Personal Touch with No Stress

A gift that is both thoughtful, and stress-free to send

  • Personalized cards
    Personalized Cards

    Include a card in each gift with a personalized, handwritten note

  • Customboxes
    Bespoke Packaging

    Custom boxes in all shapes and size, packed with tissue paper and ribbons

  • Gift
    Gift Preferences

    We can gather size, color, and other gift preferences, so your recipient gets just what they want

Swag for your team

  • New Hire Kit
    New Hire Kits

    Start new hires off right with a perfectly-branded welcome gift

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  • Event Giveaways
    Milestone Gifts

    Celebrate employee anniversaries, achievements and birthdays in style

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  • Product Launch
    Company Retreat

    Show appreciation to your team and reinforce company culture

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Gifts for Customers, Clients & Prospects

Kitting and Fulfillment

Hands-free! Let our team of experts handle the logistics of kitting, distribution and shipping.

  • Shipping
    Shipping and Tracking

    Tracking numbers on every shipment and a status page with real-time updates on all of your shipments

  • Ship around
    All Over the World

    Global warehousing and fulfillment capabilities means your swag is in the right place at the right time, no sweat

  • Address
    Address Collection

    No address? No problem. With just an email address, we can collect recipient's addresses (and gift preferences!)

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Desk Kit
Custom Lookbook

Tell us what you're looking for and we'll do the rest. Our team will curate a beautiful catalog of options just for your brand.

Don't know what you want? Don't worry!
We'll help you find the perfect thing.

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